Letter: Thankful for lifesaving brain tumor technology


To the editor:

Dear Progress:

Thank God you finally arrived in treating brain tumors! You’ve been absent for far too long, but now, people – surgeons, hospitals administrators, patients and their family members from across the globe – are finding the courage to believe in what you have to offer.

We were one of the lucky families. But there have been many before us that are still aching from loss or remembering the very minute they heard the words “brain tumor."

One year ago, our 10-month old son, Giovanni, was diagnosed with a brain tumor – caught by accident after Giovanni rolled off the changing table. Although acting fine and with no suspicion of injuries, we took him to Emergency as a precaution.

An MRI showed results that rocked our world. We remember debilitating fear and complete disbelief of what was happening. But our surgeon had a child-like excitement for new technology that would be life-saving for our boy.

Giovanni’s surgery was expected to take six hours. But thanks to this new technology, it was cut in half. Giovanni came out with a small steri-strip over a one-inch cut on his forehead. The entire tumor was removed. We detected no deficits and no real pain issues. After just two days in the hospital, we took Giovanni home.

The technology that was used is a new way of approaching brain surgery and is becoming more available as surgeons get trained. More than 5,000 cases have been done with the technology used to reach Giovanni’s tumor, and surgeons are publishing papers in hopes that it can change some old ways of doing brain surgery.

So thank you, Progress, for showing up in just the nick of time – for Giovanni and for thousands of others who will benefit from innovative technologies now in the skilled hands of surgeons so we can live better and longer lives with our loved ones.

Giovanni was treated at St. Alexian Hospital by neurosurgeon, Dr. Brian Bertoglio. To learn more about the technologies used in Giovanni’s surgery, visit niconeuro.com.

Eddie and Agata Kaczmarek