Suburban Life Sound Off: July 31-Aug. 6


Neighbor’s noisy dogs

Our patience and understanding is being tested by the day. Our neighbor, to our disbelief, has a couple German shepherds (should be poodles) who she lets out in the early morning like 5 a.m., and one of them loudly and continuously barks at the slightest movement anywhere until she finally then takes them inside. The damage has already been done, and we’ve unnecessarily awakened and can’t go back to sleep. It’s as if she initially doesn’t care, but then an alarm goes off in her mind and she takes them in. Our next step may be to call the police, but then again, we consider ourselves good neighbors and don’t want to be a pain. But then again, we have our rights knowing if what is happening is definitely not right.

Idea for cigarette butts

I sent this because in Whitewater, Wis., college kids came up with [a] partial answer to help with cigarette butts. A company collects these containers and pays you. Help eliminate some cigarette butts – not on highways, but in towns near bars, restaurants, parks, walkways and walking-biking-fish[ing] areas. Look at this site: http://royalpurplenews.com/20344/biz-and-tech/campaign-aims-to-turn-cigarette-butts-into-benches.

Man with a plan?

I have finally figured out Donald Trump’s plan concerning the Russia investigation. He is so worried that Special Prosecutor [Robert] Mueller will finish his investigation and recommend that Trump be impeached and indicted, he had to do something. His plan is to continue to do things that warrant investigation. It seems that there is a new story concerning some Trump impropriety every day. This forces Mueller to start looking at that new incident and lengthens the time the investigation will take. At the rate we are going, Mueller will not finish until Trump’s first term is about over. Then Trump can announce that he has accomplished more in four years than any president has in eight years and say there is no need to seek re-election. 

Own up to what Trump is doing

I do not want Trump impeached/convicted and removed from office. This would make him a martyr and place blame on the Democrats. The conservative media, by giving him $2 billion in free publicity, and the Republican Party, through their voter suppression and election fraud, put him in the White House. I want them to own every day of his four-year term, every lying tweet, every unconscionable act against the American public. The Republican Party and the conservative media own this debacle. Let the American public see the Republican Party for what it really is. And if the American public fails to correct this situation in the 2018 congressional election and the 2020 presidential election, the blame is on us, the voters. Until then, Congress must constrain the war powers of the presidency. Trump must not have the authority to use the military or launch nuclear missiles without the approval of the Congress.

Looking for scapegoats?

Look around the world at despotic governments. They always target a group to blame the ills of the country on. This has also been the tactic of the Republican Party for the past 37 years. They have been anti-Social Security, anti-Medicare/Medicaid, anti-taxes (on the wealthy and corporations), anti-regulations (that protect Americans), anti-collective bargaining (that protects workers), anti-immigrants, anti-facts. The Republicans target the less well off in our society to scapegoat. Was this the message that Jesus brought to the world? Didn’t Jesus advocate helping the least among us? Doesn’t this make the Republican Party the Anti-Christ Party?