Letter: Sad anniversary


To the editor:

Dec. 7 is a sad day for many reasons, one of which gets virtually no mention from the media wing of the war party. It's the last event that triggered a congressional declaration of war as required by the Constitution. As WWII was ending, [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] struck a deal with "Uncle Joe" Stalin to promote peace in spite of their ideological differences. Stalin would control the nations bordering Russia to thwart a third invasion in the century. FDR would develop Western Europe as a bulwark against communism. Both kept their word until FDR died three weeks before VE Day. The grand bargain died with him as the neoconservatives of the time told successor Truman that without a permanent war economy, we'd incur another Depression. The new enemy, Russia, had to be resisted everywhere, and the Cold War was born. This spawned the Military-Industrial Complex that has ruled American foreign policy 72 years on now. Today, our trillion dollar war machine is bombing innocents all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia without a whimper of protest from the cowards in Congress.

Dec. 7 – a sad day indeed.

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn