Suburban Life Sound Off: Dec. 25-31


Angel had special meaning

Just like to say the person that took our hand-carved angel that had the No. 38 on it that stands 5 foot 7 inches tall was handmade for my wife who died of cancer 38 years ago at age 25. I hope you enjoy the angel as much as I did making it.

Not because of Trump

Yes, women have come forward against certain Hollywood and political parties, but in reality they came forward not because [President Donald] Trump was in office, but because they finally got fed up with these issues being shoved under the rug. ... Trump did not give women the courage to come forward as he was part of the problem from the beginning. ... He hasalsoendorsed such behavior in his political arena by not pushing for dismissals of those that have abused the privileges of their offices. ... He would have rather had a child abuser in office to further his agendathan a Democrat. How very upstanding of him. This is not a Hillary [Clinton] endorsement by any means, as there were many issues at that time too, but that issue does not excuse the present issue. It would be so nice to have someone in office who could be looked up to and serve as an example of good standards and morals.

Getting freedom back

A comment was made that 13 million [are] losing heathcare because of the tax cuts? Ummm. Fact is we are getting our freedom to choose back again. And 13 million opting out is a different story. Don't be surprised [if] the number grows to like 35 million. Freedom to choose was taken away by [former President Barack] Obama. I had great insurance for $277 per month. Now paying just short of $800. I cannot afford this. My freedom to choose was taken away. Trump got me my freedom, I'm opting out. And quit the crying that the tax bill was "forced down your throats." What about the "Unaffordable Care Act." At least [a] couple of Democrats voted for the tax fix. And they had time to review the bill. No one on the planet got to review the socialist heath bill.