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Romeoville man arrested in traffic stop drug bust in Riverside

Ponciano Martinez[]

RIVERSIDE – A Romeoville man was arrested Friday on multiple felony charges in Riverside.

A Riverside police officer stopped Ponciano Martinez, 40, while he was driving in a lane used for parked vehicles only while passing vehicles for several blocks on Harlem Avenue, according to a news release. The officer stopped Martinez’s vehicle at Harlem Avenue and Robinson Court.

Martinez, of the 400 block of Julia Drive in Romeoville, told the officer he did not have a driver’s license and provided an Illinois State I.D. card. The officer checked his driving status and found Martinez was had a revoked license after four previous driving under the influence convictions so the officer arrested him.

While the car was being prepared for towing, officers searched it and found illegal narcotics and equipment used to sell and distribute narcotics. The news release listed cannabis, a vacuum-sealed bag of additional cannabis inside a Victoria’s Secret pink gift bag, a small black scale used for measuring narcotics and plastic bags with a “white/yellow crack substance” which is suspected to be cocaine.

A K-9 search from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office indicated the presence of drugs throughout the vehicle. After another search, more drugs were recovered, which included cocaine, cannabis and other contraband used for the manufacture and delivery of them.

“Mr. Martinez’s vehicle was a rolling drugstore,” Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said in the news release.

The dog also found homemade brownies that were laced with cannabis. The total weight of the cocaine found was 110 grams, and the cannabis totaled 366 grams.