Suburban Life Sound Off: Jan. 1-7


Thank you to Cicero police

I would like to thank the Cicero Police Department. On Jan. 5, they responded to my home on a well-care check. Apparently, [I] had fallen asleep, and my children couldn't reach me because I couldn't hear the phone. They called the Cicero Police Department, and two officers came. And I was up by then. They came into the house, and they made sure that I was OK, and they called my daughter and let her know that everything was fine. So I would like to thank both officers, and I ask God to God bless all first responders through the new year and keep them in your care. Thank you very much again, Cicero Police Department.

Who is being helped?

With Social Security giving us a 2-percent raise, the people who receive a smal Social Security check are getting less on their checks this year. The ones getting $2,000 or more are getting a nice increase. Is this what they call cost of living raises? I ask, for who?

No alcohol in house

I'm wondering am I right or am I wrong, OK? I don't smoke or I don't drink, and I don't like anybody smoking or drinking in my house. But I think, personally, my family gets mad because when the weather's like this, they have to stand outside and smoke, or my husband has to go out to the garage to have his cigars and his beer. But it's cold out there, I know it. But I don't mean to be mean by not having the alcohol in the house. I had a sister that was killed by a drunk driver, and I just don't like alcohol in the house anymore.

Lack of accountability for 'important' people

Exactly what is the reason that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was immune from prosecution for keeping classified documents on her private computer instead of on State Department computers and for allowing her staff to destroy Blackberry devices that contained such information in violation of the Public Records Law. The reason is clearly that important people in high places are above the law, and if they know enough dirt about other important people, they can get away anything they want to. Washington D.C. is a sewer full of thieves and sex maniacs who get together every other week or so and call themselves Congress. Prove me wrong.