Baldermann: Celebrating excellence at Westmont High School

Community Voice

Jack Baldermann is the principal of Westmont High School.[]

Westmont High School continues to rank in the top 1 percent in Illinois and the country for the school’s graduation rate. The most recent four-year graduation rate is 98.8 percent, and the five-year graduation rate is 100 percent for all students. Four years straight, Westmont has earned a 100-percent graduation rate for Latino and African-American students. No high school in the region and very few in the nation have achieved this level of student achievement. This has been a team effort, and it is one indicator of the dedication of the teachers, students and the entire school community.

Westmont High School also can claim one of the most improved and top-performing Advanced Placement programs in Illinois and the country. In the area of Advanced Placement scholars (students passing three or more AP exams) per capita, Westmont ranks among the best schools in the United States. The Washington Post Challenge Index ranks Westmont High School as the most improved regular high school in the nation since 2013, and Westmont ranks in the top 1 percent in Illinois. While the ranking focuses on the schools that do the best at including students in rigorous classes, Westmont also has experienced a more than 800-percent increase in the number of exams passed during this same period of time.

The high school also is recognized as a national leader in implementing Professional Learning Community concepts, including creating innovative programs and building a collaborative and cohesive team environment among the Board of Education, superintendent, parents, community members, staff and students.

We are committed to continuous improvement at Westmont High School, and we are most proud of the positive climate and culture in our school building. The 2017-18 school year has been most productive, and we look forward to continued success. Thank you to our entire community for the support.

Jack Baldermann is the principal of Westmont High School.