Letter: Vote for DuPage County consolidation referendum


To the editor:

Send a message to the Illinois House that we want a consolidated DuPage County Clerk and Election Commission.

On the March 20 primary ballot, there is a nonbinding referendum. In order for consolidation to be realized, it has to pass the Legislature. The Senate has already done its job. The House is holding the consolidation up over some partisan bickering. Voting for the referendum is our way of showing we want it done.

Let’s face it, everyone that counts wants this consolidation. It’s got bipartisan support on the DuPage County Board. The citizens will be for it, once they know it will streamline services and save an estimated $300,000. All but two Illinois counties have it. It’s good government.

What do we have to do to make the consolidation happen?

Tell your friends and neighbors that a primary is coming on March 20. Tell them why it’s important to vote for the referendum. Tell them not to skip the back of the ballot. That’s where you find it. Don’t forget to vote.

Richard Scott Miko