Letter: In praise of our youth


To the editor:

Adding my voice to the discussion on gun violence and young people, I am encouraged and amazed. Nathan Hale, a teacher, enlisted in the Continental Army and volunteered for a dangerous mission, resulting in his being hanged as a spy by the British at the age of 21.

Our youth have not only laid down their lives for our country, but have been the fire and inspiration of social change. Protests against the Vietnam War as well as the Civil Rights Movement had much support on college campuses. Now, we, the adults of our country, appear to be paralyzed by our own inertia and have abdicated our role in guiding and protecting our children while they are slaughtered. Now, the youth of our country appear to have tired of being helpless victims and have decided to enter the struggle themselves. It is awe-inspiring.

It appears that the love for guns in America surpasses any love for our children, those who will inherit our country, our society. We would rather see our children bleed. Yes, I know, not all the gun deaths in the U.S. are as a result of mass shootings in schools. These are just the ones that grab headlines, grab us by the eyeballs and for minutes or hours shock us, until we move on and forget to care. We need to look at our problem as an alcoholic or addict needs to realize they have a problem. We have a gun problem. We need to make real changes. I am a retired physician, an older adult, and I am disgusted with my own generation. I am ashamed. I am ashamed.

David Rinaldi