Letter: Parking restrictions limit public's enjoyment of Lake Ellyn Park


To the editor:

The new parking restrictions around Lake Ellyn Park are of great concern to me. The “Glenbard West students only” eight-hour parking (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.) is only beneficial to Glenbard West students. This is “private parking” while the students are in school – mostly indoors. Many of these parking spaces have convenient access to the Lake Ellyn Park childrens’ play equipment. Public park-goers who utilize any of these spaces are ticketed!

Lake Ellyn Park is one of the most beautiful highlights of Glen Ellyn and possibly of the western suburbs. The recent improvements to the boathouse, playground, and outdoor lavatories has and will attract more families with children (strollers, diaper bags/snacks, and sand toys, in tow), senior citizens out for a stroll, exercise enthusiasts – walking, running, jogging. For many park- goers, an automobile is the only option to make use of these beautiful facilities.

The one-hour parking and/or three-hour parking available to the “public” puts a time limit on public usage/enjoyment. For much of the public, the public parking spots restricted to Glenbard West students are a disadvantage to the community.

Webster defines “public” – “of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people, maintained for or used by the public or people" [and] "public park" – "participated in or attended by the people or community.”

The current parking restrictions are a hindrance to public availability and enjoyment of Lake Ellyn Park. As a Glen Ellyn resident for over 40 years and frequent park user, I believe that these parking restrictions should be changed.

Gloria Gogola

Glen Ellyn