Downers Grove District 58 Education Foundation honors teachers with awards


DOWNERS GROVE – The Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58 named its Distinguished Service Award winners at a May 15 ceremony.

The ceremony annually honors District 58 employees who exceed expectations and serve as inspirations to their community.

This year’s Distinguished Service Awards ceremony recognized 24 district employees, who were each nominated by a parent, student or colleague. The ceremony gave nominators the opportunity to share a few words about what makes their nominee special and deserving of the award.

The 2018 Distinguished Service Award winner in the staff category was Elynn Cunningham, acting principal of Kingsley School. Cunningham received nominations from the entire Kingsley staff, as well as several current and retired District 58 administrators.

Cunningham has served District 58 for nearly 50 years. In addition to her current role, Cunningham has worked as a principal at Lester School, assistant principal at Kingsley School, Lester and Pierce Downer schools, and teacher at El Sierra and Pierce Downer schools, according to a news release.

Cunningham’s nominations demonstrated her knack for forming connections with each and every person she serves, as well as her altruism, support and strong leadership in the face of challenges, the release stated.

The 2018 winner in the teacher category was Katelyn Morgan, who serves as the seventh- and eighth-grade behavioral, emotional and social training program teacher at O’Neill Middle School. Charles Caton, an O’Neill social worker, nominated Morgan for the honor.

Caton’s nomination essay showed how Morgan perseveres to meet her students’ needs, going above and beyond expectations, according to the release. Morgan has served O’Neill as a special education teacher for seven years.

“She has worked tirelessly with students who have significant educational, social and emotional needs to ensure they not only experience success but also enjoy their time in school,” Caton said in his essay.