Suburban Life Sound Off: June 4-10


Here's what you're paying for

This is to address the Sound Off of June 6 to 12 "What are we paying for?" You, public, are paying for pensions. Normally, government workers do not receive Social Security, so they pay into a government plan, which then funds it into the pension plan. Our state, however, the politicians borrowed from this fund and never returned it back, so that's what happened. They are working on pension money that belongs to the teachers and the other participants. Nobody's getting cheated except the teachers and those who paid into the plan because their money is being used to finance the state operation, and the state is not, thus far, paying it back.

Leave Blago sentence intact

[President Donald] Trump should stay away from commuting convicted treasonous individuals like [former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich]. As a matter of fact, there should be more of these types of "leaders" in prisons for crimes against American citizens. Thus, a great argument for term limits. Two terms for any form of government office. Hot off the press. Changes in the beauty pageant? I'd like to see more men compete! And [Sound Off item] "Digital addiction[s]" – spot on! I was composing a letter to the editor, but you got the right point. "[Why incorporate Boy, Girl Scouts?]" – again, spot on.

'Animals' is understatement

President [Donald] Trump was attacked in the press for labeling members of the MS-13 gang "animals" for their murders of innocent victims, such as Evelyn Rodriguez, an innocent teenaged girl. Animals kill and eat their prey in order to survive in the forest. To call the murderers of children "animals" is an affront to animals. The correct label for child murderers is "excrement of hell."