Suburban Life Sound Off: June 11-17


Family separation will have 'devastating consequences'

Separating children from their parents is cruel and inhumane. Recently, Dr. Colleen Kraft, who heads the American Academy of Pediatrics, visited a shelter run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement in Texas. She watched as little ones, 4 and under, were sobbing because they had been taken from their parents. One 2-year-old cried uncontrollably wanting her mother. The workers could give her toys, but they were not allowed to touch the child or pick her up to comfort her. This zero tolerance policy of [President Donald] Trump, [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions and [Trump senior policy adviser Stephen] Miller will have devastating consequences for these children. As Dr. Kraft said, "America is better than this."

Barbed wire would deter illegal immigration

If our government is so bent on stopping all these illegal immigrants climbing over the fence, why don't they put 3 feet of barbed wire on top of the fence? Because they cannot climb over the fence. And where there is an opening, put barbed wire. I mean, we have enough barbed wire. Let them do it. Otherwise, if they don't do anything like that, they're not interested in stopping the illegal immigrants across the border. They just want something to talk about, that's all. They just want to get re-elected. ... Put the barbed wire on top of the fence, and that will stop them all from coming in.