Suburban Life Sound Off: June 18-24


No plan

So you order a zero tolerance policy for people here illegally that forces children to be removed form their parents. Then you find out that you do not have facilities to house the children, no mental health professionals to help them out, no judges or prosecutors to handle the increased court cases, no money to fund the whole process and no way to reunite parents and children afterwards. Did this administration think about the consequences beforehand? Anyone with half a brain could have. Oh right, nevermind.

Trump plays to his 'base'

With every news story about [President Donald] Trump, there seems to be a comment that he is playing to his "base." I am not one of his base. And from my perspective, his base does not want responsible gun control regulations, protection of the environment, authentic and equitable tax reform and human rights protection, to name a few issues suffering under the current administration. Taking immigrant children away from their parents is Trump's latest ploy to focus his base's attention on his efforts to close the border. Meanwhile the children and their parents are suffering enormous emotional loss. The non-base citizens in America are appalled and disgusted that the United States government is guilty of child abuse. Appalled that more than 8,000 children have be taken from their parents, and there is no process in place to reunite these families. And the whole world is watching. Shame on us.

Illegal immigration causes separation

The cause of the separation of children from their parents is illegal immigration. The effect of illegal immigration is separation of innocent children from law breaking adults. It is similar to how to reduce police shootings – stop resisting arrest. Remember in America our new mantra if something goes wrong – it is not my fault. Someone else is to blame.