Suburban Life Sound Off: June 25 to July 1


Reaching across aisle is one-way street

I just got done reading your...article about [state] Sen. [John] Curran, and I just have to say he isn't representing the district that well. He wasn't elected to, and it's going to be hard for him to get reelected to it. He seems to think that working with the [House Speaker Michael] Madigan Democrats is going to be good, but he's going to find that reaching across the aisle is a one-way street. He gives, they take, and there's no give back. His terrible vote on the Gun Dealer Licensing Act was a slap in the face to the Illinois GOP party platform.

New justice must be dedicated to liberty

Whether one supports Democrat or Republican candidates for local, state or federal government positions, the most important consideration is that our leaders and lawmakers follow the guidance of the document that defines our nation: the Constitution of the U.S.A. This document and its first 10 amendments define our nation and its dedication to liberty, which is more intense than in any other nation in the world. As such, it is vital that when President [Donald] Trump selects a replacement for retired Supreme Court Justice [Anthony] Kennedy, he must choose an originalist. In other words, one who is dedicated to the principles of liberty expressed by our founders in the Constitution.

Vote for health care for everyone

How much does a hospital charge for a three-night stay with penumonia? Answer: Over $30,000. Thank goodness for Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Otherwise, we'd be looking at spending our entire Social Security income for a three-night stay. Whatever happened to the better health care at a lower price legislation that we were promised by President [Donald] Trump? It hasn't happened, so I suggest when November comes, vote for the people who want health care for everyone.