Digital X-Rays Improve Treatment, Care for Dental Patients


Dental technology continues to improve, especially in the area of imaging. Traditional film x-rays will someday be a thing of the past; dentists and dental specialists who are on the cutting edge of superior patient care now offer digital x-ray imaging.

Digital radiography is similar in some ways to conventional film x-rays. The patient still has a sensor inserted inside the mouth to capture images of the teeth. The digital sensor, however, is electronic, and is connected to a computer. Once the x-ray image is taken, it’s visible on a screen for the dentist to evaluate.

There are a number of major benefits of digital radiography. The equipment exposes the patient to up to 90% less radiation than film x-rays. Although conventional x-rays are considered safe, the digital format is even better, especially for patients who need frequent x-rays. Appointments are also shorter, as extra time is not needed to develop x-ray film. Digital images are instantly available on the dentist’s computer screen.

Not only are the images available right away, the quality of the images are incredible. Digital x-rays can be enlarged or magnified, with adjustable contrast, brightness, and color. Textures can be superimposed for additional enhancement. The detail that becomes visible for your dentist to evaluate the health of your teeth is second to none.

Digital x-rays also make the transfer of dental records much easier. They can be emailed to a dental specialist for an immediate assessment. Storage requirements are also much less, with paper files becoming nearly obsolete. Image files can be backed up and stored electronically. Digital x-rays are also much more eco-friendly, as no chemicals are needed to develop digital images.

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