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Save money and avoid costly mistakes with an annual insurance review


The start of a new year is a great time to review your current insurance coverage and decide if changes are needed.

Evaluating your insurance coverage allows you to determine if you’re paying too much, or if your policy contains coverage that is no longer needed. You may be underinsured or find gaps in your coverage.

You can save money and avoid costly mistakes with an annual review. First, prepare an inventory of your home and detail your possessions including their cost. Experienced agents at TW Group, Inc. can help you prepare your home inventory.

A change in your home’s value, a home improvement or the addition of new valuables in your home like wedding rings, antiques and artwork as well as big screen TVs may require an additional insurance rider.

Assess your auto insurance policy. You can save money with good driving habits or decreasing your deductible as your vehicle ages. You may also need additional coverage for any new drivers in the family or if you’re taking an upcoming road trip.

Individual life and disability insurance policies can be an option for those who may have changed jobs or experienced a significant change in income. If your income decreased, you may want to review your life insurance premiums.

Take a look at all life changes that may have occurred since your last review. Marriage, divorce, births, deaths, home purchases, job changes, renovations and health concerns all can have an impact on your insurance needs.

It’s important to review any new programs, any changes in requirements or available discounts that can save you money in the year ahead.

An agent can help ensure you understand your coverage and are comfortable with your limits while ensuring your current needs are met. TW Group, Inc. will take the time to review your existing policies, answer your questions and make recommendations to ensure you are protected throughout 2018 and beyond.

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